At NRGene-Canada we create the varieties you and your customers want- with artificial intelligence (AI) we have flipped the process of genomics and molecular breeding to become more efficient. We identify your needs, find the genes, and design your custom variety tailored to the traits you want. NRGene Canada customers can utilize our AI technology to improve their breeding programs with improved efficiency and decreased costs.

NRGene Canada is located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. We are a Saskatchewan based company delivering innovative solutions to global agricultural problems by maximizing genomic opportunities.

Our goal at NRGene Canada is always to improve productivity and create quality and lasting solutions.

Our mission

At NRGene Canada we are creating the future of agriculture by maximizing the power of genomics.

Our technology

The core of NRGene’s technology is its cloud-based AI tool, combined with its extensive genomic database. This enables to design significantly shorter and cost-efficient breeding processes for developing new varieties of crop plants and animals. These new varieties have an optimized genetic makeup with better resistance to pests and acute climates, resulting in higher yields and improved quality through crossing and selection.

NRGene-Canada has a local R&D team for developing innovative solutions to our partners as well as ongoing support in the field of genomics.



Main Activities

BSF Breeding for Genetic Diversity and Efficiency

BSF Breeding for Genetic Diversity and Efficiency

Clubroot Resistant Canola

Clubroot Resistant Canola

Genotyping <br> Lab


Contributions + Grants

Contributions + Grants

Our team

Alejandra Galvan

Eddy Risseeuw

Emma Yen Le

Hashim Khan

Masood Rizvi

Nahid Rukshana

Tayab Soomro

Hashini Bandara

Marin Pecar


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